4 Good Reasons To Rent A Limousine For Your Teen And Their Friends During Prom Night

4 Good Reasons To Rent A Limousine For Your Teen And Their Friends During Prom Night

3 January 2018
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Prom night is an exciting experience that your teen likely won't forget throughout their lifetime. Why not spice up the night with a limousine rental? Here are four good reasons to rent your teen and their friends a limousine service for their special night:

Save Some Money and Time

Instead of using up your personal gas and time to transport your teen and their friends to the prom, why not split the costs of a limousine rental with the other parents? You can save yourself an entire evening of driving around and be able to enjoy your time the way you want to without worrying how your teen will get to and from their destinations for the night.

And if enough parents chip in for the limousine rental, you may even be able to save yourself some money on gas and vehicle maintenance. The savings would be especially helpful if you would be responsible for driving multiple teens around and dropping them off at different locations at the end of the night.

Optimize Road Safety for Everyone

Unfortunately, a third of alcohol related deaths that occur among teens happen between April and June of each year, which coincides with prom season for most communities. Because alcohol is the number one cause of death for kids between the ages of 12 and 19, prom season can mean a lot of fatalities for high school teens.

And alcohol tends to be prevalent at prom scenes. More than 30 percent of the teens surveyed by the American Automobile Association said that they or at least one of their friends planned to drink alcohol or use some type of drug during prom night. So providing limousine transport for your teen and their friends is an effective way to keep them all from getting behind the wheel if they do decide to take a drink.

Plan a Surprise Destination as a Prom Gift

Renting a limousine for prom night gives you a great opportunity to plan a surprise destination for your teen after the prom event to help celebrate the occasion. Instead of having your teen dropped off at home after the prom, get together with the other parents and plan an event to enjoy after-hours. Consider one or more of the following ideas:

  • Rent a portion of the local bowling alley for a couple of hours, decorate it with balloons, streamers, and strobe lights, and fill tables with appetizers and refreshments. Have the bowling alley lower the lights and turn up the music in the rented area to create a fun, dance party environment.

  • Rent a family-friendly pool hall for the night and hire a local live band to entertain your teen and their friends while they celebrate with soda and free games of pool.

  • Rent a community center for a night of karaoke where your teen and their friends and win prizes like concert tickets and gift cards.

The idea is to create a fun and exciting destination experience that will make your teen and their friends feel like they're partying hard while giving you the peace of mind in knowing that they are all safe.

Know Where Your Teen Will Be Even if They Forget to Call

Because you'll have a full itinerary of where the limousine will be taking your teen and their friends throughout the night, you can rest assured that you will know exactly where they are at all times and won't have to worry about them sneaking off to a dangerous party or trying to get away with staying out past their curfew. You can even ask to be notified if any itinerary changes are requested by your teen, and maintain full control over where they end up going during the night.