A Complete Guide To Starting Up A Dump Truck Company

A Complete Guide To Starting Up A Dump Truck Company

3 January 2018
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They're big, they're bodacious, and they continuously get put to work. A dump truck might not be the type of vehicle that you generally see driving from coast to coast, but this form of transportation is crucial in the construction world. Anytime thousands of pounds of debris need to be hauled away from an active construction site, a dump truck is called in. Here's a guide that will show you what you need to start your own dump truck company and keep things on the up and up.

Dump Truck Maintenance and Acquisition

At minimum, you need at least one dump truck to start a business. Plenty of owner-operators have started from humble beginnings, even going so far as to rent a dump truck until they were able to finance or buy one in cash. You will likely want to purchase a pre-owned dump truck, as even new trucks don't come with much of a warranty. Prepare to invest much of your startup capital into basic maintenance, such as tire replacement and oil replacement. More substantive repair jobs may also be needed on your dump truck regularly.

The Cost Of Insuring Commercial Dump Trucks

This is going to be a major expense for you if you intend on having a commercial dump truck business. These types of trucks are not only big and heavy; they are also capable of causing unspeakable damage. As a result, insurance premiums can be high. On the other hand, you can expect to get a discount on your commercial dump truck insurance policy over time as long as you don't have any accidents or cause any damage while on work sites.

Landing Your First Clients and Contracts

You will only make money as a commercial dump truck company owner-operator if you are working. Many dump truck business owners charge clients to haul loads consisting of gravel, dirt, and scrap metal on an hourly basis. You can also look into contracted work, where you would be paid to complete a singular project or series of projects. Dump truck company operators might look to partner with construction businesses, local government agencies, and other transportation businesses that are located locally or have a growing need for hauling and dumping services.

Starting a dump truck business is simple. Just get a dump truck, get it insured, and get it on the road. Of course, you already need to know how to operate dump trucks proficiently, get a business license, and get an official Department of Transportation number for your vehicle before you could start operating. So get ready to work hard and work your dump truck to the max. For more information, talk to companies like Bobby Hoelscher Trucking Inc.