Make It A First Date Your Daughter Will Always Remember

Make It A First Date Your Daughter Will Always Remember

11 January 2018
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Have you decided on a particular age for your daughter to start dating? For example, maybe you've chosen the age of 16 for her to get to go out with guys. Maybe you've set up other rules, too. For instance, maybe you've established that your daughter can only go on double dates or on dates where several couples go out together. You've probably designated a time for her to return home and even places she's allowed to go. If you have given a great deal of thought to your daughter's dating, it sounds like you are a protective father. Good for you!

Have you thought of taking your daughter on her very first grown-up date? Sure, there have probably been plenty of times you've gone out while she has been a little girl, but think of taking her on her first real date. And, make it an event she'll never forget. From sending an invitation through the mail to arranging for limousine service, here are some ideas that might inspire you.

The Invitation - Of course, you can ask your daughter on a date face-to-face, but it might be more special for her to receive an actual invitation in the mail. Consider sending a formal invitation where you state the time and date of your planned date. And, be sure to indicate what she should wear. Remember that, even though it might be a pain in the neck for you to get all dressed up, your daughter might adore getting to wear something fancy.

The Event - Think of hiring a limousine to take you and your daughter to your destinations. Can you just imagine the look on her face when she goes out the front door and finds a beautiful limo awaiting her? When you make your reservations at the limousine company, explain what your plans are and arrange for there to be non-alcoholic bubbly and your daughter's favorite candy waiting for you to enjoy together. 

Think of things your daughter would love to do. For example, going to an elegant restaurant and then to a movie or to the theater might be very special. Does she love to bowl? If so, end the evening with a trip to the bowling alley. She'll think it's a hoot to bowl in her fancy clothes, and you can rent the right shoes when you arrive at the bowling location. The limousine driver will await you at each of your destinations and then he or she will drive you safely home.

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