First Time Traveler? Shuttle Service Tips For A Better Experience

First Time Traveler? Shuttle Service Tips For A Better Experience

18 January 2018
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Taking your first long-distance trip is an exciting event in anyone's life. But dealing with the actual logistics of traveling as a novice traveler can be a bit unnerving. Since most travelers routinely use shuttle services at some point during their trip, these tips are a great way to gain more more knowledge about this convenient transportation option and help you use it more efficiently each time you travel in the future. 

Understanding different types of shuttle service

Shuttle services can differ widely, depending on specific factors, such as the location, the exact needs of the travelers who use them, and the type of vehicles utilized. Before booking any travel arrangements, novice travelers should explore the types of shuttle services being offered and choose the type that will work best for their needs.

Shuttle service types typically fall into two categories. The first category is share-ride shuttle services. This type of shuttle service typically picks up travelers based on the individual travel or flight itinerary of the rider and is a demand-based pickup and delivery solution.

Multi-ride shuttles, on the hand, are based more on set route schedules. A common example of multi-ride shuttle services can be found at airports where shuttle buses, vans, or other vehicles make scheduled, periodic stops in certain areas, such as long-term parking lots, to pick up and deliver travelers. 

Deciding between shuttle service types

When trying to decide whether to use a share-ride or multi-ride shuttle service, it is important to remember that the multi-ride service can be less expensive to use. This is because there are multiple passengers on each shuttle to help offset the cost of the service being provided. 

The downside to multi-ride shuttle services is that they will include several stops and longer time frames to get to your destination. If the extra expense is not a concern, or time is critical, a share-ride shuttle service can be the more convenient option. 

Improving your use of shuttle services

An excellent reason to use shuttle services is that you can easily take your luggage along with you. To make your shuttle service ride as convenient as possible, passengers are advised to make sure their bags and luggage are labeled correctly and have handles and straps that will make it easy to get them on and off the shuttle vehicle. In addition, it is important to remember to check carefully when exiting each shuttle vehicle, to ensure that purses, bags, outerwear, phones, and all luggage are not left behind.  

For additional information about specific shuttle services you are considering, travelers are encouraged to contact shuttle providers well before the actual departure date.