Two Ways A Car Service Can Help Keep You During A Girls' Night Out

Two Ways A Car Service Can Help Keep You During A Girls' Night Out

21 January 2018
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Having a girls' night out on the town is a great way to connect with friends and blow off some steam. Unfortunately, going certain places and participating in certain activities increases your risk of being harassed or assaulted (e.g. visiting bars; drinking excessively). While hiring a car service for your group is an excellent option for getting around town, here are two ways it can also protect you from getting hurt.

Provide a Safe Place to Retreat

Although you and your friends may make it clear that you're not interested in hooking up with anyone, some wanna-be suitors just won't take no for an answer. Sometimes the best option is to leave the situation completely. Even if you move to another area of the bar or club, the persistent pest(s) may simply follow you around.

A car service can provide a safe place for you and your friends to retreat to when trouble strikes. If you opt to have the driver wait onsite while you party inside your destination, you can always leave the facility and sit in the vehicle until either the person trying to romantically pursue you leaves or you decide to go to another place. This is a particularly good option if the bouncers aren't doing anything to help you or security is not available at all.

While sitting in the vehicle, you can relax and collect your thoughts, and the presence of the car driver may discourage the problematic person from trying to engage you again.

Act as the Friend in Need

Another way a car service can help is in cases where you are meeting other people you don't know very well (e.g. group date). While there is power in numbers, sometimes things go awry and all of you want to get out of the situation as discreetly and quickly as you can. For instance, an ex-lover shows up and creates a scene or all of your dates are giving off creepy Hannibal Lector vibes.

Before meeting with your other group members, you can discuss having the driver call you at certain times to ensure your evening is still going well. Come up with a code words that indicates either you are fine or you need to be picked up immediately (some companies already have this service so ask about it). This way, you can make up an excuse and then quickly get away if the situation calls for it.

For more tips on staying safe while going out on the town or for information about rates and availability for car service, contact a local transportation company, like SF City Limo.