3 Advantages Of Using Helicopter Charters For Special Occasions

3 Advantages Of Using Helicopter Charters For Special Occasions

22 January 2018
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If you're looking for a novel traveling experience, riding in a helicopter is something you need to check off your bucket list. Helicopter charters, in particular, are great to use because they provide a bevvy of benefits. 

Reduced Traveling Time

Perhaps the most stressful part of taking a commercial flight is the lengthy process you must go through before you can even get on the plain. You have to check your bags, stand in long lines, and deal with random security checks. You must also arrive early to compensate for these extra steps so you don't miss your flight.

All of this can be avoided if you use a helicopter charter. You can go directly towards the helicopter and get seated the moment you arrive at the airport or air-hanger. Assistive personnel will even take your bags and store them in the appropriate compartment. 

Added Privacy 

Being stuck on a plane with a lot of people is not an ideal scenario. This is particularly true if two other passengers are crammed on both sides. With a helicopter charter, though, you'll have added privacy and can enjoy a comfortable experience.

You and the other passenger will have ample arm and legroom, and you won't have to worry about talking to complete strangers. You also don't have to use a filter when talking. You can talk about whatever you want, without having to worry about other passengers overhearing something embarrassing. 

Some helicopter charters go the extra mile and put a sliding curtain between the passenger area and the cockpit. You thus can be as romantic as you want to be. 

Unique Locations 

Where you really get your money's worth with helicopter charters is the unique locations and destinations they give you access to. Unlike traditional planes that have limited access due to their size restrictions, helicopters can pretty much go anywhere at any time.

For example, if you're taking one of these charters in New York, helicopters can soar above buildings and give you a nice panoramic view. Or, you may want a bird's eye view of an entire island. Anything is possible in a helicopter, and the trained pilots can provide special location recommendations to make your experience that much better. 

The next time you're thinking about traveling with your significant other or best friend, consider helicopter charters, such as from Helinet. They deliver unique experiences and allow you to see things you normally couldn't on a traditional aircraft.