Conduct Your Own Exterior Circle Check When You Rent A Car

Conduct Your Own Exterior Circle Check When You Rent A Car

23 January 2018
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When you touch down at the airport, find the car rental area, and approach the counter, you'll be just a few minutes away from being comfortably seated behind the wheel of your rental car. Before that happens, however, you'll need to complete the paperwork with the rental car company agent and take a look at the vehicle where it's parked. This process allows you and the agent to identify any potential issues with the vehicle and note them — otherwise, you could return the vehicle later on and it may look as though you're responsible for these issues. Even if the rep is rushed and you're eager to get on the road, be methodical in this process. Here are some areas that you should specifically check when renting from a company like Guardian Rent A Car.


When a driver attempts to parallel park his or her rental car and bumps into the curb, it's common for the wheels to get scuffed. The soft nature of the aluminum can cause the wheels to get damaged easily. Don't overlook thoroughly checking each of the wheels of your rental car before you leave the airport. If there are any scuffs, bring them to the attention of the rental agent so that they can be recorded in your rental contract.

Bumper Corners

Don't make the mistake of quickly checking the front and back bumper and then moving on. Although damage can occur to these areas, it more commonly appears on the corners of the bumper. Damage to this part of the vehicle can occur in parking lots, city streets, and more, so be sure that you've thoroughly assessed these areas of your rental vehicle and brought them to the agent's attention before you move the car off the lot. Pay special attention to not only dents, but also scrapes in the paint.


Generally, you won't find that a rental car's tires are damaged. However, you should always conduct a careful visual inspection of your vehicle's tires before you get into it. Occasionally, a tire can be low in air, so you'll want to bring this to the agent's attention. If you encounter such an issue, it's a smart idea to request another vehicle. While someone could simply fill the tire in question with air, the concern is that if there's a slow leak in the tire, it could lose its air before long. You'll feel more confident having a different vehicle that has four properly inflated tires.