Four Benefits Of Owning And Operating A Bay Boat

Four Benefits Of Owning And Operating A Bay Boat

23 January 2018
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Bay boats are also known as flat-bottom boats. Generally, you would spend your time in a flat-bottomed boat fishing inland coasts. They are not recommended for fishing in the ocean because the waves or an aggressive shark could topple them. However, the benefits of these little boats outweigh the drawbacks, as you will see.

A Flat-Bottomed Bay Boat Never Gets Stuck in Shallow Waters

These boats are designed to float along in the most shallow of waters without getting stuck. They are ideal for still ponds, hiding in the tall reeds for duck hunting, and fishing in muddy bottom rivers. Because of the design of these boats, the majority of the motor rides high enough that the propellers rarely get stuck in water weeds. 

You Can Walk Along the Flat Top Surface Without Tipping the Boat Over

With most boats, you would not dare stand up or attempt to stand on some part of the boat unless you knew that it would not capsize the boat. With bay boats, these boats have both flat uppers and flat lowers, which helps to distribute the weight of the boat over the water an distribute the weight of the people in the boat. You can stand on both the aft and stern surfaces while you fish and the boat will not capsize.

You Have Lots of Places to Store What You Catch or Shoot

There is a lot of storage in these boats. The bottom of the boat surrounding the driver's seat holds as much fish, ducks, or even alligators that you can catch or kill. Storage spaces are hidden in various parts of these boats, in case you want to bring a bag of ice and some cold drinks along for the ride.

Driving a Bay Boat Is No More Difficult Than Driving Any Other Boat

Most bay boats drive just like speed boats. There is a captain's helm where you can start the boat and pilot the rudder and tiller from the captain's seat. If you would prefer not to have a captain's help, there are bay boats that provide seats by the engine and tiller instead. If you can drive a car, you can drive a bay boat. If you have ever driven any sort of power boat or speed boat, then driving a bay boat is not a problem either. The only time this changes is when you have to navigate through heavy swamp territory; then you might want to lift the motor and paddle through.