Reasons To Choose Rome For Your Private Shore Excursion

Reasons To Choose Rome For Your Private Shore Excursion

27 April 2018
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It's hard to think of a more romantic and awe-inspiring location for a private shore excursion than Rome. Read on to find out what exciting adventures await you on this experience. 

Ancient Ruins

Rome is known for its ancient ruins. Take at least a day to visit the Colosseum. There are other ruins besides this, including a large area of in tact buildings from the Roman empire. You will see ancient apartment complexes, roads, gathering spaces, and homes. 

When you do this with a private shore excursion, you may be able to arrange a private tour and skip the long lines at some of these attractions. Depending on the season, regular visitors can wait an hour or more at the Colosseum. It's also better to see these ruins with a guide; otherwise, you might not grasp the significance of what you're seeing. 


Rome isn't just an ancient city; it's also a modern gathering spaces for Europeans in all walks of life. Stroll down the massive shopping avenues on one day of your trip to score some deals. Learn a bit about Italian fashion and pick up some unique pieces to take with you. 

Romantic Dining

You thought the romance would be left on the boat? Wrong. One of the most romantic things to do in Rome is to dine in Trastevere, an area of the city that borders a beautiful canal. You will experience some of your favorite Italian dishes, made authentically and with local ingredients. Enjoy a bottle of Italian wine, listen to some live music, and enjoy your evening.

Visit Coastal Areas Near Rome

The beauty of a private tour is that you can go wherever you want. On your shore stay, try and get some time in some of the coastal areas of Italy. For instance, Sorrento and Amalfi Coast are some stops to consider adding to your private shore excursions. Your guide should be able to recommend the best stops that fit within your route. There's many more to see outside of Rome. 

By booking private shore excursions in Rome, you get the best of all worlds. You get a chance to sail through the romantic Mediterranean. You also get easy access to some of the greatest coastal areas of Italy. And, you can take as much time as you want to explore all the sights of Rome without being part of a large tour group. For more information, contact companies like Rome Limousines.