Are You Flying Into Austin, Texas?

Are You Flying Into Austin, Texas?

24 June 2018
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Have you ever been to Austin, Texas before? If so, you were probably impressed with the friendliness of the Texans you met. Also, you might have chuckled at Austin's motto, Keep Austin Weird. If this is your first trip to the capital city of Texas, prepare to find great diversity. From taking an airport taxi to traveling outside of Austin, here are some ideas that might help you to have a memorable adventure while you are in the Lone Star State.

Transportation - All you have to do is leave the main part of the airport to find a safe and reliable taxi. They will be waiting for you in a long line. That's true almost all the time, unless it's an especially busy time in the capital city. Even then, though, you probably won't have long to wait. Of course, you can more than likely find other taxi services, too. However, to keep on the safe side, consider just using the airport taxi which has been approved by those who want to keep visitors to the city safe and happy. No surprises. While you're in the taxi, consider asking your driver which restaurants and other points of interest he recommends. If you will be needing a driver to go to specific destinations while you are in the city, consider making arrangements with your airport taxi driver before he even leaves you at your place of lodging. 

Sights - Don't even consider leaving Austin without seeing the magnificent capital building. Besides seeing a beautiful architecture and art, you will also learn a great deal about Texas history. For example, did you know that President Eisenhower was a Texan? Find out if the Governor's Mansion is open to the public, too. However, don't limit yourself to just what's in the city. Remember your airport taxi driver? Consider arranging for him or her to take you to places like Wimberley, Fredericksburg, Kerrville, and Poteet, the strawberry capital of Texas. For that matter, if you have the time, consider having the driver take you all the way to San Antonio where you can see things like The Alamo and where you can eat some of the best Mexican food you've ever put in your mouth.

When your visit to Austin and the surrounding area is over, the concierge of your hotel will be happy to call the airport taxi service like E and R Transportation to take you back to your terminal.