How Technological Advances Improve Transportation Brokerage Services

How Technological Advances Improve Transportation Brokerage Services

14 January 2019
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Transportation brokerage services are becoming more efficient and affordable as a result of new innovations in payment processing and other technological innovations. Because your shipments can't wait, it's important to work with a transportation brokerage service that uses the latest technology. 

The Role of Freight Brokers

Freight brokers are responsible for paying carriers. They first pay for fuel advances and then make a payment at the end after everything has been settled. They pay carriers using several methods, including fuel cards, checks and bank drafts. They must also pay factoring companies at least three times for a given shipment. To make this process easier, transportation brokerage services rely on the latest software.

Technology and Order Fulfillment

The transportation brokerage services that are able to operate the most efficiently are those that have their own internal business systems that are able to feed information seamlessly to a payment processor. This ensures that everyone who must be paid is paid on time. Not only do these systems make the work of brokerage services more efficient, but also lowers costs. When looking for a transportation brokerage service, the services that use the latest technologies will be able to serve you more efficiently.

Technology Slashes Costs and Improves Efficiency

One way that brokerage services can save money is through dynamic discounting. This is when carriers offer discounts for early payments for goods or services. The brokerage services that use the latest technologies will be able to save you money. 

Brokerage services with the latest technology will allow you to manage your and optimize your logistics in a simple and intuitive way. Some shipments can be scheduled entirely online. You will then receive status update notifications so you will always know where your shipment is. By knowing when your shipment will arrive, you're able to also do your job better.

Taking Advantage of a Network

Transportation brokerage services are able to rely on access to a network of carriers to help you ship your goods more efficiently and at a lower cost, without having to establish these contacts yourself. 

Newer payment processing options are regularly being developed and it's reaching a point where most brokerage services are able to find a solution that will perfectly fit them. For this reason, if you feel like the current transportation brokerage service isn't serving you efficiently and at a low cost, you may want to consider looking into other services.