Planning A Cruise? Avoid Forgetting About These

Planning A Cruise? Avoid Forgetting About These

25 March 2019
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Vacation planning can be exciting, but without proper understanding and research, vacation planning can be stressful. Many people love the idea of a vacation that is somewhat all-inclusive, so there is less work or effort needed once your vacation begins. However, cruises are not necessarily the all-inclusive vacation you may think it is. Therefore, proper planning is even more important. If you are in the process of planning your cruise, here are a few things you should not forget.


Passports are not always necessary, especially if you are cruising from and returning to the same port in the United States. If you cruise to a port outside the United States, certain emergency situations can be made easier if you and each member of your traveling party has their passport.

For example, if you or someone you are traveling with experiences a medical emergency, medical staff may want to see your passport before treating you. Also, if you do not arrive back to the port in time, the cruise ship does have the right to leave, leaving you behind to fly or travel out of a country that is not your home. Bring your passport to the cruise and when you are leaving the ship on different ports – just in case of emergencies. If you do not have a passport, another proof of citizenship, such as a Green Card or Visa, will be required.


Although the cruise ship is the main form, other types of transportation will most likely be necessary during your vacation. Unless you live and can walk to the cruise port, you will need to drive or take a shuttle from the airport or hotel to the departure port. Because there will be many people attempting to book this transportation, scheduling it as soon as possible is smart. Many people feel you should book the transportation as soon as you book your cruise package.

Also, if you are booking excursions at various port stops along your cruise, make sure the excursion/tour companies provide transportation from and to the cruise port. If the excursion package does not include transportation, you will need to book a bus, shuttle, or independent car to transport you efficiently to and from the port and excursion location.

Proper planning will reduce stress and the risk of problems during your vacation. This guide will ensure you remember a few important, yet often forgot about, things on cruises. For more information, contact a company like Air 2 Cruise.