Trying To Get Into The Trucking Industry? Tips To Help You Land Your First Job As A Truck Driver

Trying To Get Into The Trucking Industry? Tips To Help You Land Your First Job As A Truck Driver

8 October 2019
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If you want to get started in the trucking industry, you need to take steps to make yourself more marketable. One of the benefits of proper preparation is that it can help eliminate the stress of trying to land that first trucking job. Here are four useful tips that will help you find a job within the trucking industry. 

Know the Requirements

When it comes to landing a job as a truck driver, the first thing you need to do is understand the requirements. Many people try to get hired as a truck driver before they're fully qualified to do so. Making sure you meet all the requirements will improve your chances of being hired on with a trucking company. To be hired as a truck driver, you need to meet the minimum age requirement. You also need to have either your high school diploma or a GED. In addition to those two requirements, you'll also need to have a clean driving record as well as a clean criminal history. 

Get the Right Training

Once you know that you meet the minimum requirements to become a truck driver, you need to make sure that you get the right training. Signing up through a truck driving school will provide you with the training you need. Not only that, but it will help create a network that will provide you with access to employment opportunities within the trucking industry. Many trucking companies hire their new drivers directly from local trucking schools. 

Create Your Own Opportunities

Whether you're working on obtaining your commercial driver's license or you already have it, you can create your own opportunities for employment. First, submit applications to all the trucking companies in your area. If you're just starting out, be willing to accept a job as a warehouse dispatcher or an on-call driver. These types of jobs will provide you access to better jobs as the become available. Not only that, but they'll allow you to increase the size of your network. 

Work With an Employment Service

If you're having trouble landing a trucking job, it's time to work with an employment service. Employment services provide you with access to trucking companies that have immediate openings for licensed truck drivers. Working with an employment service will allow you to form a partnership with someone who will provide you with access to driving opportunities throughout your career. 

Don't let lack of experience keep you from landing a trucking job. Use the tips provided here to find a trucking job in the industry.