Limo Rental For Your Wedding: A Few Important Things To Consider

Limo Rental For Your Wedding: A Few Important Things To Consider

6 July 2022
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Renting a limo for your wedding day isn't something that should be left until the last minute. For some couples, it might be enough to rent a stretch limo for a few hours on the big day. But depending on your needs, there might be a few logistical issues to work out. What are some of the things you need to think about when arranging a limo service for your wedding?

Your Specific Needs on the Day

You need a limo, but there's a bit more to it than that. Think about your specific needs on the day. Do you want a car service to transport you to the church or wedding venue? And then to the reception venue? And then again to take you home afterward? Thinking about these details allows you to work out a transportation schedule for the day, which is necessary for the booking. It may be more straightforward to rent the vehicle and driver for the entire day.

Choosing Your Vehicles

What kind of vehicle do you want? For you soon-to-be newlyweds, you probably want to take the classic option—a stretch limo. A luxury sedan (a town car) is another great option for those who don't care for stretch limos. Depending on your budget, you should also start to think about secondary vehicles. Do you want to rent transportation for the wedding party? Will it be necessary to arrange transportation from the ceremony to the reception (a bus or shuttle service)? You can often save money by booking all your needed modes of transportation as a package deal.

As Soon as Possible

Determining your transportation schedule and the number (and types) of other vehicles you'll need is something that must be worked out as soon as possible—ideally shortly after you choose your wedding date. The importance of booking early cannot be overstated. Peak wedding season is considered to be from May to October, with 80% of all US weddings taking place during this period. If you leave booking too late, you may not get your first pick of vehicles, and there may not even be any availability on your required dates. You should also think about whether your wedding clashes with any occasions that might affect the availability of limo rentals—such as prom season. 

It's not hugely complicated to work out what your wedding day transportation needs are going to be. But it's absolutely crucial to work this out as early as possible to make sure that your needs can be met. 

For more information, contact a local limo service for more info.